WATTS Battery: One of the 1000 Efficient Solutions

  • GridEye — A digital grid optimizer for power distribution networks
  • Magenta Gaming water-cooling — A cloud-based gaming platform that uses a water-cooling technology for its data center
  • Wind Energy 2.0 — A containerized mobile wind energy system
  • Skywater — Stormwater management solutions for cities to overcome floods and urban heat islands while reintroducing biodiversity
  • UHCS Recycled PET house — A modular construction system that up-cycles PET plastic waste into a high-performance, low-cost and flexible building structure
  • Carwatt — a solution that converts industrial and special vehicles into electric vehicles, using new or 2nd life batteries
  • Biofilm Removal With Ultrasound, by Harsonic biofilm removal without chemicals
  • ŸnMeal — Molitor Premium Protein, by Ynsect
  • SEADS — Blue Barriers, by Sea Defence Solutions



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WATTS Battery

WATTS Battery

WATTS Battery provides smart, portable energy storage which combines all the functionalities of a the large energy storage system in one modular case